Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama's Soviet-Style Publicity

(Image from The People's Cube)
Despite the on-going trainwreck of Obamacare, Our Dear Leader still has his fans among the non-FOX NEWS/Talk Radio media that continue to sing his praises. 
Take CNN's LZ Granderson who's defending Obama's if-you-like-your-doctor/healthcare big lie in an everybody does, so it's okay sort of way.
But ever since Team Obama shut out independent photojournalists, the liberal media natives are restless. 
Brent Bozell writes about the White House staff publishing picture-perfect propaganda.
Try saying that three times fast...
Anyway, my friends and I actually heard of the Sovietization of presidential publicity from The Telegraph.
Which promted Comrade Karla to write: have to go to overseas newspapers to actually get any news these days, especially on anything that takes a dim view of the Emperor.

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