Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Continental Transfer to Europe

(Image by Robert Ariail)

Europe's "Refugee" Crisis continues with no end in sight to the influx.

On Sunday, Diana West tweeted this wasn't just a refugee crisis, but a "continental transfer," which I used her appropriate term as a title for this post.

However, not all of the transferees are happy with their new locals.

Apparently, Finland is "no good," and the transferees are turning back.

Comrade Karla asked us:

What is this, Refugee Tourism?

While another on-line friend commented on the twenty-something transferee whining about the lack of bars in the Land of the Laplanders:

I forget but I don’t think bars and nightlife are very high on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  As I recall food, shelter and clothing are right up there though.

The low opinion of Finland by transferees is a blessing to the Finns. 

According to the Gatestone Institute, Germany is experiencing a rape epidemic.

After discussing the "Fiorina-Trump Feud," Mark Steyn points out that during this Europe-wide tour of the Camp of the Saints it's not just the influx of jihadists and rapists, it's the lack of will to defend one's own culture.

If the Europeans continue to cruise down the Dhimmitude Highway, they'll be called Eloipeans...

(Image from the 1960 movie:  The Time Machine)
...but we Americans won't be too far behind.

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