Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Invasion of Europe

(Image from:  Middle East Eye)
What's unfolding in Europe is nothing short of an Islamic conquest of Europe.
Since the "refugee crisis," (as even I originally called it), began in earnest, a few commentators have pointed out that the "refugees" are primarily composed of adult men.
The Diplomad reminds us of the fake refugees and real threats.
While Mark Steyn observes the migrants aren't conquering Europe in a military-style campaign.  They're merely walking in and taking it.
In the wake of this massive migration/invasion, leftists are denouncing countries like Hungary which is attempting to secure it's border.  At the same time they're bleating that Europe, and even America, should do more to admit even more "refugees."
Meanwhile, the mainstream media isn't calling-out the host of other Muslim countries barring their gates against tsunami of humanity.  (The topic of the led cartoon).
Instead of fretting over the plight of these potentially hostile refugees, Austin Bay calls for regime changing operations against the tyrants that cause "DP" migration in the first place.

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