Thursday, September 24, 2015

The So-Called Syrians

(Image by Gary Varvel)
It appears that most of the Syrian refugees fleeing war-torn Syria aren't Syrians fleeing war-torn Syria after all:  EU data reported 80% of the incoming migrants are not from Syria.
No matter where the migrating "Camp of the Saints" comes from, there is a growing concern of seeing some/most/all of the countries in the Eurozone becoming destabilized, especially at "Main Gate" of the Balkans.
Meanwhile, here within the crumbling ramparts of "Fortress America,"  Hillary thinks it be a great idea to take in 65k refugees, instead of the 10k Obama plans on allowing.
Her proposal, as has been typical of the previous Imperial Decrees set forth by the Ruling Class, is contrary to what the voters really want.  In this case, a majority of Americans reject the notion of bringing in refugees to the US.
Our country has enough "clockmakers," thank you very much.  We don't need any more...
(Image by Lisa Benson)

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