Friday, October 30, 2015

Not Everyone Wants to Board the Dhimmi Express

(Image found on:  The Muslim Issue)
 I didn't watch the GOP Debates on CNBC the other night.  It doesn't seem to have radically changed any of the candidates' standings, but has increased the disdain us like-minded folks have towards CNBC.
Townhall has the CNBC Debate Highlights.
Instead of watching the debates, for the past couple of days I've been reading-up on Europe's crumbling Ramparts of Civilization. 
While Germany is determined to lead the rest of the EU down the Road of Decline, other countries are attempting to apply the brakes.
Poles went to the poles and said "nie" (no) to mass immigration by voting-in conservatives by a landslide.
And while Western European governments appear to be more concerned about their concerned citizens (see led image), rather than the No-Go Zones in their midst, as this Swedish journalist discovered; the not-everyone's-from-Syria "Syrian refugees" have learned to game the Euro-Welfare System.
(Image found on The Gateway Pundit)

(Just substitute "American" for any European group in the above image).

Apparently, the young lads entering the Eurozone are all 17 years old, thus granting them the same status as German children.  (Mark Steyn also comments on the destruction of archeological sites, doubling as not-so Looney Tunes gallows).

Meanwhile, back on this side of the Atlantic, author Gwynne Dyer attempted to sound the "all-is-well" call among a sympathetic crowd in Toronto, Canada.  The problem was, he was matched-up with Farzana Hassan who rained on Gywnne's Dhimmi Parade and opposed his terrible advice for Muslim women panicking about ISIS.

Thanks to 24/7 news coverage, unbiased or otherwise, YouTube and social media, we're getting a glimpse of what the Muslim Conquests were really like, and exactly what Islam has to offer us non-Muslims.

(Image found on:  Young Conservatives)

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