Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back to the 90s With Bill & Hill

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Despite the Clinton Campaign's attempt to sink the Secret Server Scandal, bits of flotsam keep surfacing.  For starters, the State Department missed another deadline to turn over e-mails.

And then there was this bombshell:  Hillary ordered an aide to strip classified markings from e-mails and send them via non-secure means.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

Hillary's been lying all along about her e-mails and secret server.

But this isn't the only lie she's telling.  

There's the pestering question about Benghazi:  Somebody's lying. Who is it?

And speaking of liars, Bill Clinton is back in the limelight.

Some time ago when Hillary called Donald Trump sexist, Donald hit back--hard--and began reminding the public of Slick Willy's sexcapades.

So the Clinton Scandal Machine is revving up.

Of course, quite a few in the Non-Fox news networks would like to consider Bill's sexual past "off limits."

But Ann Coulter reminds us of a time when Chris Matthews actually asked hardball questions.

Bill's already ducked one question, but there'll be others, hopefully, as sexual politics hound Hill and Bill.

(Image by Henry Payne)

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