Wednesday, January 13, 2016

O's Last SOTU

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

I didn't watch Our Dear Leader's parting State of the Union (SOTU) Address.  As I told a friend on Facebook, I didn't feel like being lectured on how racist I am and that lawful gun ownership is a "gateway drug" to being a criminal.  I forgot to add about being lectured on my supposed sexism, and homo-Islamo-xeno-phobia.

Based on the post-SOTU snippets, I'm glad I skipped the lecture, as once again, Obama downplayed the ISIS threat and defends his economic record, even after a Syrian suicide bomber self-detonated in Istanbul.

But ISIS is only part of the Islamofacist problem, and Obama isn't the only one downplaying it.  Mark Steyn has been warning folks for more than a decade about the growing Islamification of Europe--and eventually even America.  He would like to "hold the Mohammed Salad."

In addition to Euraby's roving rape gangs, there's our supposed BFF (best friend forever) Iran, now holding 10 American sailors.  Which Our Dear Leader decided not to mention this tidbit of breaking news.

Maybe he didn't want the mullahs "unfriending" him.

For the sake of fairness and posterity, here's O's final SOTU.

And here's what The Heritage Foundation, via The Daily Signal, said what Obama got wrong in the SOTU.

Several hours after the SOTU, it was reported that Iran released the American sailors

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