Friday, January 8, 2016

Enemies Inside and Outside the Ramparts

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
So far this first full week of 2016 has been a busy one.  While I've been off-duty, my family finally had our Christmas Dinner, followed by taking down the decorations--which we're still in the process of doing.

Meanwhile, the Enemies of Western Civilization have been busy during my off-line time.

First, a couple days ago news broke out of Germany of mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve committed by "Arab or North African" men.  German police and media are being accused of conducting a cover-up, since it took days to clarify the ethnicity of the perpetrators, numbering as many as 1,000.  Leftists in-general seem to be reluctant to name our enemies openly, unless they're conservatives, which waters-down any response the victims can make.  Mark Steyn remarks that victims of Islamist sexual assault will merely have to lie back and think of Germany (and Sweden, and Norway)...

So far the only response has been to hold Rape is Wrong courses for Muslim "refugees." 

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

As the Islamic rape gangs rove around Europe; in Asia, North Korea claimed to detonate an H-bomb

Last week, there was a lot of "looking back at 2015."  Instead of looking back, "VDH" examines the rendezvous with reality in 2016.

Basically, things will get worse before they (maybe, just maybe) get better.

I'd say "keep your powder dry," but in the past few days there's been a flurry of news stories about Obama's impending gun control executive order(s). 

As I write this post, it's still a couple hours prior to Obama's "Guns in America" townhall meeting on CNN.  Afterwards, I'll be spending the next day, or three, sifting through news and commentaries before I write about Obama's Imperial Decree with impact lawful gun owners.

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