Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hillary's SAPpy Server

(Image by Steve Kelley)

Despite Queen Hillary's attempt to deflect criticism of her secret server as another "vast right-wing conspiracy," her e-mail woes not only won't go away, but continue to get worse.

The other day, news broke that Hillary's secret server contained material even more sensitive than Top Secret, known as Special Access Programs (SAP).

In fact, the SAPpy stuff was so sensitive that the Inspector General (IG) needed special clearance just to have a peek.

Hillary's minions claim there's nothing to worry about, and this is merely a coordinated effort by the IG and congressional Republicans to smear her.  (Translation:  The vast right-wing conspiracy is at it again).

Things may indeed be fine & dandy inside the campaign headquarters bubble.  However, outside where the voters lurk, according to a CNN poll Bolshevik Bernie is leading Hillary by 27 points.

The Diplomad warns that Bill & Hill have dodged the "...consequences of their corruption..." before, and wonders "...will they be able to do it again?"

I'm about in the dark as The Diplomad.

Ever since E-mailgate made the news, I haven't seen any of the liberals I know on Facebook condemn Hillary's actions.  Instead, they're engaging in a silent disapproval campaign by pledging their support for Bolshevik Bernie.

But oh boy, they're all over the story of  Sarah Palin's son being arrested for domestic violence and possessing a firearm while intoxicated.

Not that Sarah--or the antics of her family--are above reproach, especially since she continues to play with political fire.  Shortly after Palin's son was being hauled off to the klink, she endorsed Donald Trump.

But the same open contempt should heaped on Hillary, or anyone for that matter, who openly defies national security protocols, and continues to lie about having done so.

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