Thursday, January 17, 2019

Gillette Shaves Off Men's Masculinity

(Image used by Fan Advocacy Network's YouTube video)

There's a lot of important news floating around the airwaves and cyberspace, such as--

--The US Government remains partially shut down, over the "manufactured border crisis."

--Four American soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in Syria, etc.

So why go on about this week's shitty ad by Gillette?

It matters because it's the latest salvo in the regressive's War on Men, or at least hating men.

That men are collectively guilty of bullying and sexism.  Even the American Psychological Association (APA) hopped on board the SJW crazy-train claiming traditional masculinity is harmful.

This matters in the same way it matters that law abiding gun owners are accused of being collectively guilty for mass shootings.

Only worse, because not every man--even in America--owns a firearm.

And it's not just any-old men that the commercial slams.

According to Paul Joseph Watson's video, the men exhibiting bad behavior are mostly white, while the good guys are mostly minority men.

Even if the commercial were indeed a mere harmless virtue signal by Gillette to display it's Get Woke [Go Broke] bona-fides, we don't don't need Life lessons from a razor company.

(Image from Keri Smith's article Gillette Goes for Woke)
At least one marketing professor said a company makes a grave mistake by alienating a portion of its customers.

The actual commercial has earned over 708K dislikes vs. 331K likes at the time of this writing.  But among the YouTube videos I've watched on this topic, there are claims of Gillette deleting comments and finagling the like/dislike facts.

And it's not just us men who don't like the commercial (or the social-political implications of it).

Women dislike it too--

--Liz Wheeler said men are not the problem.

--Daisy Cousens from Down Under said this "Toxic Masculinity" ad is WRONG.  (And just 40 seconds into her show asks "why the Hell would you use the Young Turks?").

 --Lauren Chen (a.k.a. The Roaming Millennial) slams the "Men Do Better!" mantra.

--Michelle Malkin wrote about Proctor & Gamble's toxic sanctimony. Nor was this the first time, Proctor & Gamble produced an SJW-tainted commercial.

The commercial though does have it's supporters.

Gillette's Facebook Page showed a total of 134K responses.
If you click on the emoticons, you get this expanded breakdown:  64K likes followed by 60K dislikes, 7.2K angry, 1.2 hilarious, 536 ambiguous wows, and 127 sad.

And if your the solitary lefty on The Five--you throw in racism for good measure.

No matter what Gillette's rationale was for concocting this ad, as I posted on their Facebook promotion:

Gillette has cut itself open to being meme-fodder.

(Picture found on Img Flip)

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