Saturday, January 5, 2019

The "Truth" Behind Brexit

One of the movies Social Justice Whiners across the pond will have to look forward to this year is:  Brexit.  (See attached trailer above).

This is suppose to expose the "truth" behind the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU).

Translation:  Her Majesty's subjects were duped into voting for a British Exit, or "Brexit" from the EU-ocracy by a social media savvy con-man.

What caught my eye about this YouTube post was there were 9.8K "thumbs-up" vs. 1.5K "thumbs-down" over this movie trailer.

You'd think a 9:1 approval rating would reflect in the comments section.

Not so.  Or at least not that I've seen.

Every comment below the one I made was negative and disparaging, or at least wondering if this was a joke.

It makes me wonder who--or what--is giving this movie trailer nearly 10 thousand thumbs-up.

Bots?  NPCs?

One would assume that potential viewers of Brexit--the movie--and supporters of the "People's Vote," a 2nd Referendum on Brexit--the democratic vote--would also post their views on this matter.

Meanwhile, long before the leftist, anti-Brexit propaganda film gets aired, a number of commentators have already given us the truth--without quotation marks--

--Back in March 2018, Nigel Farage explained why Britain left the European Union.

--In October, Pat Condell didn't spare anyone's feelings over the "Crybaby Vote."

--And a week before Christmas David Cullen also explained Brexit and the laughable People's Vote Campaign.

While the Brexit issue may have little direct impact on the lives of us American conservatives, we certainly understand the plight of our British cousins.  We've been experiencing similar public and political tantrums ever since Crooked Queen Hillary's coronation was derailed by Trump the Usurper in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Leftists--on both sides of the Atlantic--are sore losers, or "Regressives" as many of us like-minded folks are calling them.

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