Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peace in Our Time--The Sequel

Last week representatives of over 40 nations gathered for the Nuclear Security Summit.  However, nations sowing the most of the world's insecurity, Iran and North Korea, just to name two; weren't invited, nor does it seem their actions were discussed.

Mark Steyn rolls-in with some excellent points, along with another 1930s comparison, on last week's photo-op:

Some of my favorite comments:

The mound of corpses being piled up around the world today is not from high-tech nuclear states but from low-tech psycho states.

So virtuously proclaiming oneself opposed to nuclear modernization ensures a planet divided into civilized states with unusable weapons and barbarous regimes happy to kill with whatever's to hand.

Speaking of  "...whatever's to hand..." remember the "I" in IED stands for "Improvised."

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