Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twinkies Reach Their Expiration Date

 (Image by Santos)
While I was out of town for the past few days, Israel and Hamas began exchanging fire, then a cease fire was implimented--which Hamas violated within hours.

And thanks to the Ministry of Truth, it looks like Obama and his gang will get away with having to answer for Benghazi. VDH discusses Obama's tangled web.
But, just as I was leaving for my trip on Friday (16 November), the big story broke:  Hostess was closing for good.
That means no more Twinkies, Cup Cakes, Fruit Pies and my favorite:  Ding Dongs.
All over America there were scenes like this at stores and bakery outlets...
...with Twinkies and other treats flying off the shelves and even being sold on e-Bay
Hope for some mediation was dashed today, when a bankruptcy judge approved the closure
As one of my on-line friends said: 
Well, labor and the left did what a nuclear war could never do -- they destroyed Twinkies forever.
So what does the demise of Twinkies have to do with the sad state of affairs?
If things continue on the present course, more than half of production will go to the government.   Provided we survive the fall off the Fiscal Cliff.
Mark Steyn rolled-in with his Twinkie Offensive and still being able to import Twinkies from Canada.
For the time being.

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