Monday, November 12, 2012

Fatal Attraction for Patraeus?

(Image:  Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in the movie Fatal Attraction)
On Friday 9 November, the Director of the CIA, General David Petraeus, resigned on the grounds of having an extramarital affair. 
His fling supposedly started within a couple months after assuming the role of CIA Director. If so, then he may be able to avoid prosecution under the UCMJ
If the general thought he'd make a quiet exit prior to the congressional hearings about the attack against the Benghazi Consulate on 11 September--he was wrong.
The explosion from this political bombshell is still reverberating throughout the Corridors of Power.
Congress wants answers.  Especially if any part of national security has been compromised.  Even information about the Benghazi Consulate attack.  

Where this will lead to is anyone's guess.  But as Katie Pavlich wrote in Townhall, things will get uglier.

They often do, which leaves the philanderer open to ridicule...

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