Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Up In My ----------?

(Image from:  Denver Westworld)
Well it didn't take long for the Patraeus Affair to achieve the levels of a sex-comedy.  A couple days ago, 7News in Colorado ran it's take on the scandal.  What made this 5 O'Clock News Show unique is someone in the station inadvertently snagged a spoofed title of Paula Broadwell's book, All In.
The graphic which aired, was titled:  All Up In My Snatch.
Now every time I think of Ms. Broadwell's book, I remember the spoof title over the original.
However, this whole scandal is no laughing matter.  Even Mark Steyn's tongue-in-cheek comments about the missing piece of the puzzle and "diplomats" in Tampa cover some scathing criticisms.
And since Patraeus is tied to Benghazigate, some folks--primarily congressional Republicans, FOX News and conservative news sites--want to know if the, now-ex, CIA Director was leaned on in any way by the Obama Administration to spout the party line about the cause of the attack.  That for the two weeks after the attack, it was considered a "spontaneous reaction" to the cheezy Mohammed film.
Charles Krauthammer wonders if the affair was held over Patraeus' head for favorable testimony about Benghazi.
While Bill Kristol says a source informed him the not-so good general "...wasn't completely honest in his Benghazi briefing to Congress."

Today's breaking news is that Ms. Broadwell may have a significant amount of classified material on her computer.

Some comments from my friends include:

Glad to see Obama's second term is starting off so well. At this rate, he'll be nuking a third world country soon in order to change what the media is talking about.
I’m not so sure I buy the angle of the Benghazi testimony link with the Petraeus scandal. I know enough (good and bad) about him to know he would not really agree to alter his views in congressional testimony on operational matters to placate the White House. However, I have the sinking feeling that the White House knew enough of the scandal’s details three or more weeks ago—including Petraeus’ intention to offer his resignation and the President (and/or his political advisors) told him to “hang tight” until 11/07. That thought really chaps me.
I'm merely enjoying some post-election schadenfreude -- my sympathy for Allen and Petraeus is pretty minimal, given they are supposed to be smarter than that. My sympathy for the Obamunists is on the south side of zero.
I’m really starting to believe that maybe people DO get the government they deserve. Apart from those of us who didn’t vote for him, that is.

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