Friday, November 23, 2012

Criticising Rice = Racist

(Image by:  Chuck Asay)
There is great concern among conservatives that Obama will nominate Susan Rice as Hillary Clinton's successor in the Department of State (DOS).  A few days back, nearly 100 senators objected to the idea of Rice being considered. 
Rice's knack for cronyism dates back a couple decades with the "let's-not-call-it-genocide" genocide in Rwanda
But of course, to criticise Madam-Almost-Secretary Rice is considered racism.  The left-wing/mainstream media is already banging their tamtookas over this and it is feared these same Republicans may cave on the issue.
Matt Vespa discusses how to decipher Rice without being racist, but I personally don't think the idealogues will listen to logic.
At least Mark Steyn injects some humor in to this gloomy prospect:  Nominate Jill Kelley for Secretary of State.
Who knows?  She probably couldn't do any worse than Rice or Clinton, not to mention a general, or two...

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