Friday, November 30, 2012

A few days ago, Time announced that Sandra Fluke is in the final running for Person of the Year.  Yesterday she was invited to speak at the Women in Entertainment Breakfast
I wonder what she'll talk about?
While it can be easy to dismiss, or mock Ms. Fluke's hypocrisy, Charles Johnson warns us not to, because she's a professional activist
And speaking of professionalism, another women's rights group is auctioning a 1-hour strategy session, with her.  It took less than a day for this double-entendre laden article to appear in The College Fix
Which of course, led to even more double-entendre laden comments from my friends:
This one is just beyond self-parody. I could see hourly rates, alright. I wonder if she can do that thing with the silk handkerchief with the knots in it....?
I wonder if the government is covering Sandra’s anti-virus software and firewall protection for her Skype session. If not, I smell another activist opportunity for her.
That's not the only anti-virus help she needs.

Whether or not Ms. Fluke needs protection, her and her friends could have benefited from a class in logic...


  1. Wow, lie much? Sandra Fluke advocated for the health insurance people are paying for to actually cover their health needs, including birth control, not tha the government should be required to pay for birth control and abortions. Furthermore, liberals have not been calling Sarah Palin a slut. Although I that like many misogynists, you believe that women are sluts for using birth control. Dear ignorant person, women are often proscribed birth control for reasons other than preventing pregnancy.

    1. Just because I have different views on "...Life, the Universe and Everything..." doesn't make me an ignorant, lying misogynist. I, and my fellow taxpayers shouldn't be obligated to fund healthcare benefits, including birth control, to men and women--slutty, or otherwise--beyond ourselves and our immediate family members.