Thursday, October 13, 2016

Father Morris: Clinton camp mocking Catholics is 'bigotry'

The trick in politics to minimize, or even avoid, public outrage is to have a "(D)" at the end or your name, as opposed to an "(R)."

The non-FOX News media swooned over the hot-mike comments made by the Boorish Billionaire 11 years ago this past weekend.

However, deplorable comments towards the voting public made by Our Corrupt Queen, and/or her cronies, is hardly worth mentioning.

Update (13 Oct 16, 1230 hours):

I was at the gym during the time this post was scheduled to go live.  While doing my cardio workout I saw that CNN was carrying this story.  I didn't have headsets with me, so I don't know what was said.
But at least CNN covering the story.

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