Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debate Postscript and Media Collusion with Clinton

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I was on duty last night and "saw" most of the debate, but I didn't hear any of it because I had our TV sets on mute.

I already know I'm not voting for Our Corrupt Queen, so I had no interest in hearing her cackle, or the Boorish Billionaire bloviate for that matter, despite the fact that I'll be voting for him on Election Day.


Jack Hawkins has, an admittedly abridged, list of 25 Reasons Not to Vote For Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, voting my voting preference aside, if you missed the debate, and are interested in watching the blow-by-blow show, Townhall posted it online via PBS; while in the immediate fallout, the Luntz Focus Group felt it was close but Trump triumphed.

I'll be busy with off-line activities for the next few days, so I won't be able to provide any more post-final debate commentaries.

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In the meantime, I'll touch on Trump's rigged election comments.

Even though I don't care for Julian Assange, thanks to WikiLeaks...

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...and Project Veritas, we know Democrat operatives have been (currently are?) attempting to circumvent the electoral process.  (See my previous post).

How vulnerable is our voting process open to fraud?

I'll let The Diplomad answer this:

"We are the only country I have seen where voter identification is not required, where voters do not have to prove they are citizens."

This trickles down from the national level to the state, and I'd bet on the local level.  A friend of mine living in the Keystone State posted this article on Facebook:

Pennsylvania Sends Thousands of Illegal Immigrants and Non-Citizens Voter Registration Cards

And at the epicenter of all this is:  Our Corrupt Queen, Shillary Clinton.

Derek Hunter declared:  The system really is rigged (just not in the way we think it is).

Maybe the electoral process itself isn't completely rigged, unlike the media mentioned in Derek Hunter's article.  But law-abiding voters, and the occasional uncorrupt political candidate, will be fighting an uphill battle.

Unfortunately, the "uphill" part seems to be getting steeper and steeper, because as Mark Steyn reminds us:

Laws are for Little People

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It's not a done deal yet though.

Ann Coulter's observations are:

While Hillary has the advantage of the media, Trumps advantage is on the issues.

And as VDH concludes:

"In this outlandish year, the winner will be the survivor who crawls barely alive over the Nov. 8 finish line--without having been blown up."

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