Sunday, December 4, 2011

Connecting the Dots With Mark Steyn

Julius Caesar once said:  In war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes. 

My favorite commentator, Mark Steyn has a gift of being able to connect-the-dots of seemingly unrelated issues, and yet see a disturbing pattern in these "trivial causes."

Take for instance, this story about a 7 year-old boy being investigated for committing a sexual assault for kicking a school mate in the crotch.  This isn't merely overreaction, but a slavish devotion to regulations that erodes common sense decision making.

If you don't believe this, keep in mind 7 year-olds become adults (eventually) and may end up working for some agency like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), for instance.  Three days ago, a teenage girl was stopped at the airport because her purse had a handgun design on it.  While the girl can be criticized for her fashion sense, it shouldn't have warranted her being detained. 

Of course, TSA isn't budging on the issue, which means it's a Federal offense to be carrying or wearing an image of a weapon on board an airplane.  Who knew?

In his typical glib style, Mark declared this is a case of society being too stupid to survive. 

Our spiral into bureaucratic stupidity is already having global repercussions. 

Remember how most of the news media thought Egypt's "Facebook Revolution" was the next best thing to our own?  Well the Coptic Christians probably don't think so, while the Jews fled Egypt years ago and have no intention of going back.  Mark points out that our leaders refuse to push our national interest on the world stage and we're on the verge of loosing the middle east--long before the final curtain is drawn.

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