Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Once and Future President

As if Islamic jihadists and China's "Underground Great Wall" isn't enough to worry about, it looks like Imperial Russia's about to make a comeback.  My friends saw that Medvedev was merely keeping the throne warm for Putin's return.  This article in The Guardian spells out what the world, Europe and the US in particular, may be in store for.

However, even at it's greatest height, Russia/Soviet Union was always something of a ramshackle empire.  Living conditions have been deplorable throughout it's long and tortured history--and in many areas they still are.  So there's no telling how far any future imperial resurgence will go.

Or as one friend put it:

I'm hoping (and sort of expecting) this Putin sequel to go the way of the Star Wars prequels -- full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Of course, it will lay bare the utterly impoverished leadership and foreign policy of our very own dear leader.

I've always said a bear can't change its fur--no matter how many times you hit the "Reset Button."

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