Monday, June 3, 2013

Cap Guns and Sign Symbols Verbotten

(Image by Treker)
Remember the story about the Pennsylvania girl getting suspended over a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun?


(Image from Christopher Diarmani's blog)
...and it was an exceptionally stupid day yesterday. 
First, my friend Comrade Karla posted a story on Facebook about a boy in Virginia (I believe) that was interrogated for two hours and suspended for ten days for bringing a cap gun on a school bus.
However, not to be outdone, the Zero Tolerance Nazis in Nebraska have done one better.  Grand Island school officials are trying to get parents to change their 3 year-old deaf son's name.
I mean, if MSN thinks this incident is stupid, then it's downright imbecilic.
As Mark Steyn warned, over the pop tart gun incident, "No society can survive this level of stupidity."

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