Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Dhimmitude of the West

Last week Ann Coulter warned how Her Majesty's Government was cracking down on the English Defence League, instead of the jihadi killers within the Realm. 

This dhimmitude isn't contained to the mother country, but is pervasive throughout the Commonwealth.  In The Land Down Under, students from the Australian National University made several infographics satarizing various religions.  However, when it came to Islam, the University elders issued a cease & desist order

The prime article from The Lawfare Project, mentions the fact that Australia doesn't have a 1st Amendment like America does.  However, our Freedom of Speech, especially anything criticizing Islam, may be stifled.  The Justice Department is mulling over the idea that spreading "inflammitory" information about Muslims will constitute a civil rights violation

The Diplomad rolls-in on Western Civilization's dhimmitude with his post on Breaching the Gates of Paris and Memphis.

When will the dhimmis in our midst learn?


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