Saturday, June 29, 2013

(Un)Rule Britannia

While my wife and I continued our home consolidation project, the scandals that I've blogged about continue to "percolate," as Comrade Karla put it. 
Take your pick:  IRS, NSA, Benghazi, just to name a few, continue to be in the news, thanks to FOX News, Breitbart and other conservative websites.  The rest of the mainstream media (MSM), however, does its collective best to ignore these issues.
With so much going on--and no resolution in sight--it was hard for me to decide what to blog about.
That is, until I came across this story:  UK Bans Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from Entering the Country.
 Robert Spencer operates Jihad Watch and is the author of several excellent books on Islam and jihad.  While Pamela Geller operates Atlas Shrugs.  Both are partners in the American Freedom Defense Initiative.
The world is indeed, turned upside down.  The country that America derives its laws and customs, now listens to the bleating of groups like Hope Not Hate (via the Liberal Conspiracy) advocating dhimmitude in the face of jihadi bullies.
Such a decision, not to mention investigating those inside the UK speaking out against Islamic violence, is shocking, to say the least.  Richard Fernandez offers some explanation, in a squeaky wheel gets the grease sort of way
Mark Steyn declared frees speech is dead in the UK, while The Diplomad thinks Her Majesty's Government has flatlined.
I'd like to think we could help resuscitate our allies across the pond, but we're heading in the same direction.
One of my friends put it best:  Every living British WWII vet must be wondering why it was worth the trouble.  

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