Tuesday, August 30, 2016

High-Paid SJW Sits-Out the National Anthem

(Image by Steve Kelley)
I don't follow professional sports, and barely watched any of the Summer Olympics in Rio.  While I admire athletic prowess, I despise the prima donna attitudes displayed by a number of athletes.  Especially when these same prima donnas earn more money in a year than an average American will make in their lifetime.

This past weekend one such prima donna sat down during the National Anthem to protest the "oppression of black people."

True, a significant portion of the black community lives in crime-ridden, urban poverty.  But instead of using his success to inspire others, Kaepernick criticizes the country that provides someone from an "oppressed class" an opportunity to become a sports celebrity--and live well above the poverty level.

Does Kaepernick have a right to voice his perceived concerns about oppression of the black community?

Of course.

But I, and many like-minded folks, have the same right to have a low opinion of anyone being disrespectful during the National Anthem.

(Image:  Meme found on Facebook)

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