Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some Gold Star Families Are More Equal Than Others

(Image by Glenn McCoy)
Once again, the Boorish Billionaire put his foot in his mouth.  This time by getting himself entangled in a flame war with a Gold Star Dad. 

While I sympathize over any family's loss, when anyone, even Gold Star Families, step into the mud-filled political arena they can't expect to remain clean.  So I haven't paid exact attention to Trump's reaction.

What has caught my attention is the blatant slant being narrated by the non-FOX media.
Allen West compares comments made by MSNBC towards a Benghazi Mom vs Muslim Dad.

(By the way:  Khizr Khan deleted his website, due to possible (actual?) connection to Hillary's campaign).

Michelle Malkin reminds us that not all Muslim soldiers are equal.

And Ann Coulter called out the media cowards for fanning the flames of the Wrath of Khan.

Basically, when it comes to Gold Star Families, the media only covers them when they help Democrats

But this is just the latest, and most visible symptom of the long-term (terminal?) Media Bias Disease.

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