Monday, August 22, 2016

O Golfed While LA Flooded

Once again, Our Dear Leader earned his "Nero Fiddled, While Rome Burned" meme.

Last week, when Louisiana was struck by floods, Hillary napped, Obama golfed, while Trump visited the disaster sites.

What did the non-FOX News networks have to say about Our Dear Leader and Corrupt Queen's apparent indifference?


The same media that criticized Dubya about his response to Hurricane Katrina ignores Obama's golf rounds during the LA floods. 

Instead, it's been Trump who's been seeking a "photo op" with flood victims.


But to Trump's credit, despite his many faults and failings, issued Obama the challenge to get off the golf course and get down there. 

Due to O's "busy schedule", he'll grace Louisianans with his presence sometime this week.

Now to be fair, I know Obama, Hillary or Trump showing up at disaster scenes aren't necessarily helpful.  Recovery efforts have to slow down, or stop altogether, while law enforcement personnel are detailed to provide security in areas VIPs are touring through.

But at least Our Dear Leader, or anyone else in his position, can do is cancel their tee time during such tragic events.

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