Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Press vs The Polls vs The Presidential Candidates

(Image by Mike Lester)
Apparently the Corrupt Queen can't keep her lies straight, which may be why Hillary hasn't held a press conference in 262 days...and counting.

But being mired in scandals and attempting to cover them with feeble lies is irrelevant to the lamestream media--if you're a Democrat.

About two weeks ago, I mentioned I was skeptical about Trump's tumble in the polls.

I still am.

Despite Trump's tangle with a Gold Star Family, veterans still support the Boorish Billionaire.

And the skepticism about the polls appears to be growing, even among those in the media.  Michael Rosenblum, owner of left-leaning Current TV predicts Trump will win because he's "...great TV."

But Hillary still has her cheerleaders... the Race to the Oval Throne is still in-flux for the next 69 days.

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