Friday, March 26, 2010

Obamacare Gets the Cuban Seal of Approval

Well Obamacare got the Seal of Approval from a real expert on socialized medicine--Fidel Castro: 

"It perhaps was not the endorsement President Obama and the Democrats in Congress were looking for."

Hmm.  Sound like:  "And there was much rejoicing" among the Obamacare alcolytes.
I am suspicious when a tyrant, or retired tyrant in Fidel's case, approves of anything.

Remember the "Carbonhagen" Climate Change Summit? 

Once guys like Ahmedinejad of Iran, Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Chavez of Venezuala, showed up, they gave the game away.  That the climate change summit was a mere smoke screen for a "redistribution of wealth" (ie, shakedown) of the leading industrial nations to the those nations foundering under the yoke of these corruptocrats.

So I consider Fidel's endorsement of Obamacare something to be wary of.

Meanwhile, back in The Beltway, the "Deemocrats" say the "fix" is in:

Conservative protests, in the form of the Tea Party Movement, continues unabated, but threats and violence against members of congress by the lunatic fringes--wingnuts on the right and moonbats on the left--is getting out of hand:

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