Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obamacare's Diminishing Returns

Yesterday, President Obama signed the contested healthcare bill into law.  The hue & cry to enact this law was to insure the uninsured.  The exact number of uninsured was also hotly debated, but the number finally settled on 30 million.  Despite Obamacare now being the Law-of-the-Land, there will still be millions of Americans uninsured. 

How many?  I'm sure the exact number will also be debated, but for starters, the Christian Science Monitor is settling for 23 million:

So:  Radically transforming the way Americans receive healthcare and add at least another $900 billion to the deficit was done in order to ensure an additional 7 million people, in a land of 300 million receive adequate healthcare coverage, receive adequate healthcare coverage.

Talk about the Law of Diminishing Returns.  All the emotional energy, the projected cost and bureaucracy, not to mention dividing the nation, all for 7-ish million people.

Unless of course, it isn't really about healthcare at all.

One of Mark Steyn's columns on his website is "Request of the Week."  In this section Mark re-publishes a past article that manages to remain relevant to the current times.  In "The Nationalization of Your Body," Mark addressed the issues with government run healthcare, several months ago.  His observations are still valid: 

One of the things that struck me was his life expectancy statistics: 

"Life expectancy in the European Union 78.7 years; life expectancy in the United States 78.06 years; life expectancy in Albania 77.6 years; life expectancy in Libya, 76.88 years; life expectancy in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 78.17 years. Once you get on top of childhood mortality and basic hygiene, everything else is peripheral – margin-of-error territory...The United Kingdom spends three times as much money on “health” as Poland and their cancer survival rates are more or less identical."

Talk about the Law of Diminishing Returns...

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