Monday, October 14, 2013

The Cone Wars

(Image: Barrycades piled up in front of the White House, from
Yesterday, it was reported that various veterans groups tore down the barrycades surrounding the World War II Memorial dumped them in a pile in front of the "Spite House." 
Good for them!
Wish I were there to see the show.
As I've written before, I'm appalled by the ease at which Obama's "Order 66" was implemented and how it instantly transformed congenial park rangers into "Imperial Parktroopers." 
Mark Steyn's article this past Friday, puts an historical spin on the Park Service Paramilitaries.
Which makes me even more depressed.  At least he calls for the abolition of the National Park Service, since it's now obvious their not servicing "We the People."  Mark also calls for abolishing the "SWAT" of various alphabet soup agencies.
What worries me isn't just that Our Dear Leader tipped his hand on how despotic he can be in a pinch, but how liberals--you know the crowd always chanting "no blood for oil" and "speaking truth to power" and all that--are completely at ease with all this.  Not to mention assigning 100% of the blame to republicans.
But at least "we happy few" haven't lost our sense of humor (yet).  Over the weekend a few friends
engaged in an online conversation about the "Cone Wars," grafting dialogue from Star Wars with the closure of scenic views of Mount Rushmore:
Yes.  I was once a Park Ranger, the same as your father...
My father wasn't a Park Ranger.  He worked in the gift shop at Yosemite Lodge selling post cards and t-shirts.
That's what your Speaker told you. He didn't hold with your President's ideals. He thought he should have stayed in Chicago and not gotten involved.
While many liberals like to load blame of the government shutdown exclusively on Republicans, at least some of them are waking up and realizing Obamacare isn't the healthcare system they were looking for.

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