Thursday, October 3, 2013

Storming the "Barrycades"

(Image by:  Gary Varvel)

I learned a new word today while trying to catch up on a week's worth of news:  "Barrycades", in "honor" of our Dear Leader's former name.

Apparently, Barry's administration decided to make a symbolic gesture about the government shutdown and take it out on the American people--by closing national monuments

All in order to blame Republicans.

But World War II vets, guys who survived storming enemy held beaches weren't having any of this:  A couple of days ago they stormed the barrycades surrounding the World War II Memorial.

Barry's administration is even trying to close Mount Vernon.  The only problem is:  Mount Vernon is private property.

Despite the Democrats holding the levers of power in the Executive Branch and in the Senate, Our Dear Leader's media minions continue to gloss over Obamacare's "minor glitches"--and blame Republicans for the gov'mint shutdown.

(Image by: Glenn McCoy)

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