Tuesday, October 29, 2013

60 Minutes Benghazi Story 590,400 Minutes Late...

(Image by S. Kelley)

...give or take 1,440 or 2,880 minutes.

This past Sunday, CBS's Sunday program 60 Minutes ran an "expose" on Benghazi

While commendable for waking up and smelling the jihadist falafel, there's just two problems with this show:

1. It's over 13 months/410 days/590,400 minutes old at the time I'm writing this--and getting older.  And--

2.  There's no mention of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

One of my friends has the best explaination for this "breaking story" that most of us already knew about over 579,600 minutes ago:

(1) It does not really hurt Obama now that he's reelected

(2) It is released early enough so that, when Shrillary runs in 2016, it will be "old news"

(Image by "Blokbluster")  

So much for  60 Minutes being a "media watchdog."

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