Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dubya Did It!

(Image by Bob Gorrell)
Well, yesterday with less than 15 minutes before America went into default, the senate voted to reopen the government and raise the Debt Ceiling.
Maybe I should call my credit card company and demand a $16 million limit on it. 
Okay, I'm only joking, but folks in Louisiana did something similar.  A glitch in the Food Stamp Program lifted the spending limits on recipients EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards, sparked a "spending spree" at a local Walmart
I'm amazed and appalled that people actually thought this was legitimate.

And who's to blame for the current sad state of affairs of our great nation?

We've heard for five years--and counting--from Obama, that Dubya is responsible for anything that goes awry.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
But do the American people believe this?

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, some of the voting public still think Bush is to blame for our current troubles.

I guess being a "liberal" means never having to take responsibility for your actions/inactions.

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