Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Peasants are Revolting

(Image from the movie:  History of the World Part 1)
Our Peevish president continues his attempt to "make life as difficult for people..." as he can.  Mark Steyn calls it petty despotism, but warns that "...despotism rarely stays petty for long."
One of the latest crimes-against-the-state:  Running through Valley Forge National Park
I had the same assumption as the hapless marathon runner.  I figured the shutdown would mean the closure of visitors centers in open-air parks.  But I guess none of us realized Obama feels he has a "divine right" to close what he wants, when he wants.  Even evicting residents off of their own property.
Shots rang out on Lexington Green in 1775 for far less taxation and civil liberty violations.
But today, "We-the-Peasants" are defying the royal decree and "storming the barrycades."
And while most liberals, along with the non-FOX News-based media, still believe the Republicans are 100% responsible for all this, the tide appears to be turning against them.
A poll taken among college students at the University of Colorado at Boulder show that many of them blame Obama and the Democrats for the shutdown.
Let's hope the tide continues to roll-in.

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