Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flea Party Subjected to "Wealth Redistribution"

(Image: Den of Thieves)

Redistributing the wealth is cool among the unwashed masses of the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement--as long as it's someone else's wealth that gets redistributed.  According to Jammie Wearing Fool, thievery is running rampant among the unwashed masses gathered at Zuccotti Park. 

One of my friends said this about the "entrepreneur," who set up his own donation bucket:

I say hire the guy who was pocketing the cash from the donations bucket. He's exactly the sort of creative out of the box thinker we need in this day and age...

I certainly don't feel sorry for anyone who believes they deserve other people's money.  Especially since, they're not the unemployed, diverse crowd they portray themselves to be.  The "Flea Party's" ideological roots were exposed by Douglas Schoen in the Wall St Journal, along with an entry in Maggie's Notebook.

And it looks like doin' time in an Iranian gulag wasn't enough to deprogram the Peoples Democratic Republic of Berkley's indoctrination program.  In their second public appearance, NBC Bay Area, reports the Wayward Hikers threw their lot in with the OWS crowd.

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