Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meanwhile, the Siege of Wallstreet Continues...

Looks like something "...right out of central casting" (Comrade Karla).  Michelle Malkin provides some entertainment in Your Occupy Freakshow vids of the day.

When our system has lost the support of the transgendered Maoists, is there really any hope left for us?
Oh, and one other thing bugging me (of many) -- on CNN's website, under their "US News" section, 4 of 7 stories linked are about these nutters...

Of course, the usual suspects have mobilized to occupy whatever city center strikes their fancy, like Chicago.  My friend reporting from the Chicago Front had this amusing anecdote to add:

I have a cousin who is a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, and he tells me one of his officemates has hung up a sign outside his office overlooking the street that says "We are the 1%".  It's probably just making the mob even more enraged...

To which, Comrade Karla made the following observation:

That’s an uncommonly well-fed bunch of demonstrators. Somebody should ask the teachers why they aren’t teaching?

Speaking of acedamia, students from the University of Washington (UW) reinforced those holding the line in Westlake Park.

At least no one's defecated on a police cruiser. Yet.  I get upset when folks compare this to the Tea Party.  I don't remember any Tea Party rallies looking like some of the photos here on the UK Mail

On the other hand, Chris Cillizza ponders whether or not, the "OWS" movement is a much ado about nothing in this WaPo article.

Let's hope so.

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