Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wall Street Occupiers Make Demands.

The gals above got a dose of pepper spray couresy of NYC's finest.  Fox News invited folks to read the 13 demands of the Wall St protesters with the caveat of trying not to laugh.

I certainly got a chuckle out of most of them, but here are the noteworthy ones that caught my attention:

--Demand 3: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.  Translation:  They want paychecks as opposed to working for a living.

--Demand 4:  Free college.  But who's going to pay the tenured salary of the professors?

--Demand 9:  Open borders.  This contradicted their first demand, which is to impose trad tariffs.  So goods can't cross borders, but unemployed people can?

--Demand 11:  World-wide debt forgiveness for everyone and every nation.  Yeah, this will instill financial trust when loaning money.

--Demand 12:  Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.  So they can continue their spending spree and stick others with the tab.

If it weren't for Rosanne Barr's comments about re-education camps and public beheadings, this manifesto of adolescent irresponsibility would be very amusing indeed. 

Mark Steyn, a commentator I do find amusing, rolled-in with some observations about the Wall Street Revolutionaries.

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  1. You have to demand something, or there's nothing to negotiate. Duh.