Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Robespierre of Occupy Charlotte

(Image: Robespierre shot and apprehended)

The first purge in the Occupy (Insert Name of City Here) movement occurred in Charlotte, NC.  The Occupy Charlotte voted it's leader "off the island."  CBS Charlotte has the details on the coup. 

The comments are also enlightening and entertaining.  The friend who sent this particularly liked these two:

Lets all go down there to eat. All of us, even the people that don’t agree with the Occupy policies. If we were respectful of the other people there we shouldn’t be turned away. We can even be politely vocal about disagreeing. It would be hypocritical for Occupy to deny us food and shelter. Let’s overload or highly tax their system and see how it is liked. Most of the non-working individuals there have been sponging off your tax paying way of life for years. Your tax dollars are still be used to keep police in the area and land upkeep. What better way to take some of that back? Be respectful, eat their food. (pig out for a while). Tax their system at the same time you are telling them you are not one of them. Take, take, take from them and give nothing in return. Don’t forget to be polite.

Kindergarten Coup. Amazing. This is like a Romper Room version of the French Revolution.

Former Commandante Shope should count himself lucky he didn't end up like Robespierre, or Trotsky, just to name two revolutionaries, who found themselves branded enemies of the state.

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