Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Settle for Occupying Wall Street?

Other worlds have more than their fair share of injustice.  Take Arrakis, for instance. 

Of all the places that reek of injustice, not to mention unwashed orcs, it's Mordor:

I found these images from a Facebook friend.  Both of them are attributed to "George Takei."  I'm not sure if it's thee George Takei, of Star Trek, but that's the name listed under them on the social network.

Today's "Friday Funny" is brought to you by cookies--those delicious, in-between meal snacks. 

Apparently, Muppetland has a problem of "wealth redistribution:"

And speaking of all things amusing, The Daily Caller has been scouring the leaked e-mails from the "Flea Party." C.J Ciaramella chose the Best of the Rest of some of their message traffic.

If the unwashed masses are willing to sacrifice their eco-friendly bonafides for the sake of balloons, then to what ends would the go to further their cause?

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