Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to the Pre-9/11 Mindset

Once again, Our Dear Leader is talking "exit strategy," this time from the entire fight against terrorism
The friend who sent us this article, had these opening remarks:
I will caveat by saying I do not 100% disagree with Obama's speech.  However, to explicitly state that we are going back to a pre-2001 mindset is ludicrous. As Krauthammer said last night, you need two sides to make peace. Last I checked, we did not poll AQ on their position. My only grim pleasure is that the fruits of this foolish idea will fall on Obama before he leaves office.
Along with the only sane reason for closing Gitmo...
Personally, I'd rather relase all the Gitmo detainees rather than bring them into the US. Then at least we might have a chance to kill them in combat.
The idea of treating terrorism as a criminal matter and "bringing them to justice" is head-in-the-sand folly.  I like what one of my friends said, while on a road trip this weekend:
We should be bringing justice to the terrorists, not the other way around.
Amen brother!

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