Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Voices (and Arms) of Tyranny

(Image from:  The People's Cube)
The IRS scandal continues to unfold.  The latest update is:  The IRS's Director of Exempt Organizations will be pleading the 5th Amendment before Congress.  Carol Platt Liebau discusses what this does and doesn't do for Lois Lerner.
Meanhile, VDH reflects on what it's like living here in Oceania.
How is it possible that nearly half of our voting public doesn't believe there's even one scandal, let alone thre, going on?  The Diplomad discusses how the "low informed" have put and are keeping Our Dear Leader in power.  ("Low informed/low information" is a term I'm starting to hear more often in news and commentary sites to describe clueless voters).
Everyone should be concerned, because maybe, just maybe, a conservative-ish president might get elected.  Liberal groups and individuals won't want to find themselves in the government's cross hairs, like Catherine and Bryan Engelbrecht have.
(Image by Ramirez)

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