Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Youthful" Rampages Across Europe

(Image:  Crime Scene at Woolwich)

"Youths," the euphemism European news agencies use hide the ethnic persuasion of suspects, are at it again.

But most of us can read between the lines and can deduce these "youths" are non-European and most likely Muslim.

But to go along with the charade, "youths" have been rioting in Stockholm, Sweden for over two nights now.  They're angry at the police for shooting a man brandishing a machete.

Across the North Sea in Great Britain, a machete (or sword) was used to kill and behead a British soldier.  The barbaric murder of the soldier--and the suspects parading around the street bragging about it--prompted emergency meetings in the British Government and attempted retaliation by the English Defense League

Meanwhile within our own borders, the FBI shot a man during questioning about the Boston Marathon Bombing

Comrade Karla stated the obvious: 

It’s now pretty clear to me that this wasn’t just 1 or 2 kids doing this on a lark—obviously far more people “knew something” than our administration would like to publicize.  But it’s like not wanting to take military action to nail the Benghazi terrorists. That would smack of, well, actually DOING something that required hard choices (or Gitmo).

Maybe someday, Western Civilization will shake off the politically correct shackles.  Otherwise, after every terrorist incident, we'll hear more of the same...

(Image by Warren)

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