Thursday, May 2, 2013

Benghazi: "A long time ago..."

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Benghazi.  You remember the last year's attack on our consulate in Benghazi don't you?

Well according to the Mouth of Obama:  That was a long time ago.  And as one friend quipped--it might have even been on a continent far, far away...

The Obamaborg's Collective memory has gotten fuzzy on all the details--and wants the rest of us to develop amnesia over the scandal .  The Collective would like you to ignore the story about some Benghazi whistleblowers claim they're being intimidated from testifying and stonewalled by the State Department.

Comrade Karla suggested:  Why not incompetent and a liar? It would fit.

Meanwhile, the apparent mastermind behind the attack still foams free in Libya.

So much for getting "bringing the perpetrators to justice."

But this brings up the issue of employing law enforcement techniques to fight a war.  Or as Comrade Karla pointed out:

This administration wants EVERYTHING counterterror to be law enforcement (unless they’re droning on in Pakistan).  It is inherently unsuited to rapid collection, evaluation and sharing of data—that isn’t the purpose of LE, after all, is it?  That, and the PC disease of the administration. I wouldn’t underestimate that.

I wouldn't underestimate it either.

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