Monday, May 6, 2013

What's It To Us?

(Image by:  Chip Bok)
Our Dear Leader's regime continues with the What Difference Does It Make Theme, but this time regarding Syria. 
One of my on-line friends sent us this "What's it got to do with us?" article, along with these comments:
This is a pretty damning article if you think about it -- Obama is saying one thing, his advisors are saying another, and confusion reigns supreme in our Philosopher-King's administration. Meanwhile, Israel and Syria are starting to go at it over Iranian-Hezbollah arms shipments through the middle of a civil war with WMD quite possibly now held by both sides.
Syria, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and China -- the axis of AFU'd. I've been wondering which would explode in our face first -- looks like Syria is going to win.
But of course, "what's that got to do with us?"
While, my friends and I recognize there's no easy answer on how best to deal with Syria, we do agree Obama should have kept his mouth shut about "red lines."
(Image by Chuck Asay)
Especially if he's not going to do anything once the so-called red line is crossed. 
My guess is that the only beyond-our-borders issue Our Dear Leader is concerned about is converting our 11+ million illegal aliens into loyal, card-carrying members of the Democratic Party.

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