Friday, May 17, 2013

Scandals in the Obixon Administration

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

While I've been busy moving into my new home, Our Dear Leader has been busy fending off a series of scandals that erupted this past week.

First, Our Dear Leader just can't seem to shake off Benghazigate like he did Fast & Furious.  Especially after the damning testimony of the whistleblowers.  Something Mark Steyn calls The Benghazi Lie.  VDH said this was part of the Dear Leader's Regime of Terrorism as Therapy.  Meanwhile, Justice Goes Unserved.

Then it came to light that the IRS was targeting conservative groups.  Not only have IRS officials been implicated, but it appears that Senate Democrats pushed the idea

But the IRS wasn't the only government agency playing favorites.  The EPA got in on the act too

(Image by Beeler)

Powerline gave a good run-down of all this in a Mid-Week in Pictures, the IRS Scandal Edition.  Be sure to watch the Jon Stewart segment.  Despite Stewart's humor, most commentators, even some liberal ones, feel the IRS scandal is the worst one--because sooner or later, anyone coulb be targeted.

Diplomad rolled in with his Scandal Palooza post. 

Despite all the hubbub, most of us like-minded folks will be very surprised if "Obixon" goes out like the original...

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

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