Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crisis in the Ukraine

(Image by Lisa Benson)
Earlier this week, riots erupted in the Ukraine after a truce between protesters and the government broke down about 24 hours later.  Another video shows protesters attempting to attempting to protect themselves by forming a shield wall (Warning:  Video contains images of protesters getting shot and possibly killed).

The gist of the dispute is the Ukrainian government wants to have closer ties to Russia--thanks to a hefty bribe aid package from Vladimir Putin--but some/most (?) of the populace want to align themselves with the EU.  

Russia, of course sees things differently.  Since Russia and the Ukraine share a common border, why wouldn't any self-respecting Ukrainian want to side with Russia?

To "prove" the point, the Russian TV station Rossiya 1, aired the program Biochemistry of Treason.

By the time another cease fire was brokered, 70 people have been killed and the Ukraine may be at a turning point.

We'll see.

Even if this deal holds, the fate of the Ukraine remains in doubt.

One online friend directed his comment towards our State Department:

How's that Reset working for ya? 

Followed by other comments:

Well, I think that, maybe, we might just be considering the possibility that the reset wasn't the most optimal strategy for the given set of circumstances. 

The original protests seemed pretty legit.  But over time some really weird people seem to have “become the voice” of the protests, making any sort of peaceful resolution unlikely.  But hey…it’s yet another manifestation of the sucking sound left in the aftermath of 70 years of a socially and economically destructive political system. 

There was an excellent discussion about the situation last week I heard on the radio (John Batchelor) discussing how the skinheads/crazies have taken over as “the opposition.”  These are apparently the people McCain and Co were hobnobbing with as “freedom fighters.”   The titular leader of them is pretty much a Jew-hating fascist from Western Ukraine—he would have been right at home in the 24th Waffen SS Division “Galitzien.”  Not that we are hearing about any of this, nope.
Given the violent nature of those who have hijacked the protests, it’s hardly a surprise that you’ve had the military establishment on the other side urging swift and brutal action.

Meanwhile, our Dear Leader bloviates about climate change and ignores real life crises. 

According to Brietbart's live updates, it looks like the Ukrainian president has fled the country.   As of now the situation is still unraveling...

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