Saturday, February 22, 2014

Obama's Foreign Policy Fiasco(s)

(Image by Nate Beeler)

Unfortunately, the Ukraine isn't the only fire burning in our nation's forest of foreign policy.  

Violence in Venezuela claimed the life of another beauty queen along with several other individuals amid anti-government protests.  The Diplomad refers to this situation as a slow motion coup.

Sometime yesterday, Venezuela's El Presidente called on Our Dear Leader to begin talks.  This, after initially blaming the US for instigating/supporting the anti-government protests.

Apparently, Maduro is the only world leader that takes Obama's "redlines" seriously.

Meanwhile, three other simmering pots are on the verge of boiling over:  Iran, Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.  John Bolton predicts the effects of Obama's non-functioning foreign policy will end in disaster.  

(Image by Bob Gorrell)

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