Sunday, February 2, 2014

Swelling the Ranks of Democrat Voters

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

Last week, Republican leaders rolled-out their immigration reform blueprint.  What said blueprint entails is the legalization of "some" illegal immigrants

News of this was greeted with "much rejoicing" among conservatives.

Ann Coulter warns this "cunning plan" will wreck the country and cost the GOP voters

And The Diplomad predicts this will foster voter fraud and make citizenship meaningless

Meanwhile, Comrade Karla was more to the point:

WTF are they thinking?  The timing is terrible, the Dems are in full demagogue mode (enabled by the press) and there are much more pressing issues that won't splinter the party.  These people are so out of touch it's making my head hurt.

Mine too Comrade, mine too. 

So much so, that I haven't renewed my GOP membership.  I keep meaning to formally renounce my affiliation, I just haven't gotten around to it. 

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