Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Battles Over the Bathrooms

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As jihadist barbarians conduct their rampages outside the Ramparts of Civilization, inside the gates, the battles over the bathrooms boiled over.

Last month, the State of North Carolina passed a law requiring all public bathrooms be designated for use only by people based on their biological gender.  At about the same time however, South Dakota governor vetoed a similar bill.

I started seeing paper & pen "Gender Neutral Bathroom" signed tapped-up around the Washington State Convention Center last year when I attended the Emerald City Comicon.  Sp when the Mayor of the People's Democratic Republic of Seattle city-employee travel to the Tar Heel State I started to take notice.  (A similar decree was issued for similar reasons against Mississippi).

I believe we have far more serious issues than this to discuss, debate and to deal with.

But leftists being leftists won't rest until they've shredded every fiber in the fabric societal normalcy.  Yesterday, PayPal announced it was pulling out of North Carolina,  but the CEO's cool with moving things to Cuba.

Then there's folks in the most gender-segregated occupation of all--professional sports--siding with said leftists.  For example:  The NBA is making noises about moving 2017's All-Star Game out of Charlotte, NC.

Jordan Candler spotted the hypocrisy in such a plan:

  "The NBA (and its sister organization, the WNBA) apparently think bathroom access shouldn't be based on biology, but basketball leagues should."

Mike Adams calls the current hoopla Sexual McCarthyism.
What tipped my hand in posting about these Bathroom Battles was John Hawkins' question:

When did it become controversial to keep men out of the women's bathroom?

Even then I wasn't planning on delving into this issue at-length until Mr. Hawkins cited a problem Seattle Parks & Recreation is having with a man using the women's locker room.

I think Louder with Crowder's closing statement says it best:

This city is moronic. These laws are moronic. The modern, SJW “trans” movement is moronic. And it’s taking one brilliant man, acting like a moron, to expose just how moronic it is.

UPDATE, 8 April 2016:

Washington State's governor followed suit and banned official travel to NC.

I have friends and family living in the Carolinas.

I wonder how long it will be before the PC Commissars demand banning personal travel.

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